Friday, March 6, 2015

Fishing for plastics

The "Fishing for Plastic" Project started up as a simple idea:
What if people really like their waters clean but only need a little push to get moving and pick it up?
So we created a Facebook event and set a date: One week would be dedicated to cleaning up.
What started as a simple idea caused a couple of big waves and we got a bunch of people to join us in the cleanup process. Some of the big successes were:
  • A school in Mumbai agreed to send one class to clean up every day!
  • A diving school in Croatia sponsored a full day diving for all customers who would dedicate the dives to cleaning up under water
  • A group of Volunteers in Egypt gathered people to clean up beaches there
  • A sailing club in the great lakes sent out a little fleet to fish for plastic
  • And many more...

And as usual it is every single person that counts in the effort. I got many replies and Mails from people all over the world promising they will go out and clean up their beaches , rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. 
This is not where we stop, the event might soon be over but wherever we are, let's just take a look around sometimes and pick up garbage that we find before it ends up in our oceans again!

Thank you so much to everyone who is joining us in this attempt!

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