Friday, June 17, 2016

What if...

... the world didn't need saving?

Coming back to Austria one of the always returning topics seems to be what is often called the "Refugee crisis". Now what if this was not a crisis? How can anybody blame people for running away from a war? Not running from bad economy but actually running for their life - because of a war in their home. Obviously I can't speak for everyone else, but I would certainly make a move if there was war around here.
And now keep thinking about the next years to come? Big draughts, floods, massive weather phenomenas occuring around the world in many places with different effects. All of them having one thing in common: They do become more frequent and more intense.

So what would that mean for us? Well, being in the center of Europe this doesn't affect us too much yet, sea level needs to rise more than 500 meters before we get wet feet, storms don't have the space to build up too bad and all together, we got tons of drinking water - in fact enough to flush it down the toilet, so why worry?
Guess there would be one good reason: If things go bad in one place, the people who life there will move on (only an assumption) - and where would they ultimately go? Yeah, right! They will move our way, it is the safest place you could possibly go to - at least for the decades to come. But again - what to do?

Many people around the world are working hard to save the planet, save the environment, save the oceans - and it is a great cause to work for... only, the world doesn't need saving. The planet will be fine, no matter what. It can sit back, wait a couple of million years and recover. mankind on the other hand can't. Ones the Oceans collapse as an eco system, plancton dies, we loose 70 Percent of our oxygen (produced by algae, that is floating around as plancton) and we wouldn't even realise, because we are busy hunting for the last few fish and sell them for a lot of money...
Ultimately we gotta start moving in a better direction, stop burning fossil fuels, stop catching every last fish in the oceans, cutting down rain forests, extincting species after species around the entire globe. But it is not for the planet - it is for our very own survival - and This is what it is going to be - and faster rather than slower... so lovely people around the planet, please move... and move now!

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