Thursday, April 27, 2017

Getting Ready again

Sea Nomad at Anchor in Boulder Bay
With the End of the Season right in front of us there is one last showdown coming out here on Boulder Island in the Mergui Archipelago.
The Owner of "Boulder Bay Eco Resort" along aith 30 friends and employees is coming out here for 4 days and a big meeting amongst all the higher ranks of his endeavour.

For us (Project Manaia) this could be the time when things are decided for the next Seasons to come. With bureaucracy in Myanmar being rather painful and difficult to deal with (and more expensive than most other places in the world) it is somewhat questionable if Sea Nomad will be able to sail Myanmar waters again any time soon. Also because our 2 year Permit for Mergui will be expired by the beginning of the next Season.

We are already looking into Projects in the Philippines to Pursue ones Sea Nomad had her earned Rest back in Phuket and another little makeover befor heading past Sinagpore and on to the Philippines. Reef Restauration would be the big focus of this Project, trying to re establish reef structures where they used to be but became victims to climate change, dynamite fishing, diving industry or boating abuse. Reefs are under threat around the world, with only about 2% of Ocean floor being covered by them it is amazing they can still house up to one quarter of the (known) marine life!
And they do a lot for us - protecting us from big waves, add color to the environment, produce Oxygen, they are the nurseries for all the fish we like to eat and provide home for many species forther down the food chain.

All this is just too easily ignored when it comes to the convenience of not questioning fishing methods, that are in many cases destructive. And this is one of the key points where we all and society has to link in - raise the awareness so all of us acutally know what kind of practices we support by buying from a certain company or brand.
But much more on this in our "Simple Marine Biology" on Coral Reefs and Coral Bleach...

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