Friday, March 6, 2015

Fish Free Week!

Our Fish free week was the second of a hopefully long line of projects in which we try to engage with the public and motivate people to take action on a small scale and make an impact on environmental issues.
And even though not eating fish for one week sounds like a small and easy thing to do, if enough people join this cause it does make a big difference! The Fish Free Week is not over yet, but already we have a few successes to post here:
  • 4 Restaurants in Austria took fish off the menu for the week
  • The same Restaurants agreed to take Tuna off the menu permanently
  • A major Hotel in Carinthia removed their Fish buffet (Marine fish) from the weekly menu and replaced it with local fresh water fish from sustainable Aquaculture

It is small steps in the right direction. And just because the Fish Free Week is over doesn’t mean we have to stop trying to make a difference. If you have the connections try and make a difference. Take Tuna off a menu, protect endangered species and try to lower your consumption. And most importantly: Be aware of the consequences of your actions!
Thank you to everyone who joined us in this cause! And please share your experiences, successes and other impressions with us!

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