Friday, March 6, 2015

A piece at a time

Being environmentalist often times I come across people and after long conversations we end up at this... "What if" moment.
Just as an example it could be
  • What if I don't drive my car every time it's further than 100 meters/yards
  • What if I look at the labels and don't buy endangered species fish
  • What if I pick up that wrapper I see in the street?

And there are many more of those questions. Now for me the big step is that if all the thousands of people who ask exactly those questions would actually stop asking them and just stepped up and did what they are thinking about we were one step further already!

So here is the idea: What if we all made an attempt and at least one time a day we actually did what everyone is talking about? Go ahead, pick up that piece of garbage before it ends up in the ocean.
Pick your bike for that errand, that is only a few meters away, have a closer look at the label and maybe check back if that is really what you want to buy.

It is small things that make a difference if followed by a lot of people!

Join in, make a difference with us - A piece at a Time!

And just as a motivational starter: Feel free to share your little moments of victory on Facebook, flickr, twitter, Instagram and whatever else there is out there and mark them so we can all see that YOU stopped talking and started acting! #APieceAtATime

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